Circle of Love

December 17, 2016…Last year this Saturday (December 19, 2015) was a day of fighting. Fighting for your life. Fighting to get you through your many panic attacks when your O2 level would drop again and again and again to dangerous lows. During the afternoon we came together for a circle of love. There were so many people there that they spilled out of your room into the hospital corridor. I was next to you, my hand on your arm. I think we all knew that soon you wouldn’t be with us anymore. That you were quickly, so quickly running out of time. Our hopes of your body surviving the relentless take over by the cancer cells had vanished over the course of this day. We couldn’t heal your body, but we could fill you with our love. So Edison threw the shining ball of love to you. Invisible to our human eyes. You passed it around. It went around our circle, each person adding their love for you. I was the last one to get it and pass it back to you. Transferring the deepest of love that anyone can receive – the love of your soulmate – into it. Slowly I let it drop into your opened hands. And slowly you pressed this ball of love against your chest, letting our love fill your heart and soul. It was then that our Solstice miracle happened. Not in ways that we wanted or understood then. The moment you opened your body, mind and soul to our love, your soul was healed…circle-of-love


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