Message from beyond

All week long, I pleaded with you, Wen, to send me a sign. Let me know that you’re still around. That you haven’t left me completely. All week long, I pleaded with you. Then last night this old thread from fb messenger appears. Just like that. All of a sudden, your avatar pops up on my cell phone screen. As if you just messaged me. And it is this series of stickers that you sent me in July 2015. The little figures move. Wave at me. Say hello and good-bye. Surely this must be a sign from you. A message from my spirit wife.

I love you.



3 thoughts on “Message from beyond

  1. Kirsten, your writing is so eloquent. It sums up how I feel about Mike my husband, who although didn’t die in the same way, nevertheless did die on Dec 18 2016, very suddenly and very shockingly. I love reading your blog as it’s like reading all the thoughts I have too. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sarah, for your nice words. It is wonderful to know that you find my writing to be meaningful and esonate with you. I am sorry that you are also on this journey of grief that nobody wants to be on.


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