Sacred Condor Spirit

March 12, 2017…My love, I dreamed of you. No, you visited me in my dream. Not in your human form. I am still not strong enough to be able to withstand that. So you came as CONDOR. Condor spirit telling me that we are ONE. Still. That you are protecting me.


I stand at the edge of a hill.


Looking out across open fields.

My eyes searching the sky.

For YOU.

Two big birds fly towards me.

Land at close distance to me.

The larger bird directly looking at me.

We begin moving towards each other.

Something tells me I don’t need to be afraid.

We lock eyes.

I fling my arms around…

Put my face on…

The warm feeling of love floods my body.


And I wake up.

My soul still clinging to YOU.Condor Spirit


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