Today thirteen years ago, March 29, 2004, we became ONE. For weeks our souls had been  feeling their way toward each other, reconnecting, bridging the distance brought by living on two different continents. We knew each other from before, when we were teenagers, best friends. So long ago. 1980/81. It didn’t happen then. We weren’t ready for each other. More than two decades had to pass, drifting apart over the years. Silence.

But now…NOW we were ready. Knew that we were meant to be together before we even set eyes on each other.

I remember that morning of March 29, 2004. A Monday. Your flight was to arrive at 7:30 a.m. I can still feel my excitement of that moment. Soon. Soon we would finally see each other. Be in each other’s arms. Soon. I couldn’t wait. Left the house way too early, got to the airport even before 7a.m.. Couldn’t wait. Didn’t want to wait any longer. Way too excited. For you. For finally being WITH YOU. I planned to surprise you on your way to the baggage claim area. Your plane arrived, passengers streamed past me. But where were you? Did I not recognize you? Oh, no. What happened? Neither one of us had a cell phone. Those were the times still in 2004. I began running through the airport to the arrival area downstairs. Running. Running down the escalator. Please be there! Then I spotted a person with short red hair and a black leather jacket. You? It must be you. Walking away from me.

WEN!!!! I shouted your name. You turned around. WEN!

And then I was there. With you. Kissed you. Oblivious to all the people around us. Kissed you. My first time kissing a woman. My first time kissing you. This kiss, this moment, I will never forget. Love surging through me. Yes!

You stopped me. Held me at arm’s length. “Let me look at you!”

Our eyes locked. Taking in each other. We smiled.

After all this time…

We had arrived. Our souls had arrived.




One thought on “Arrival

  1. I want you to know that your words do not simply fly into cyberspace without impact. While I cannot completely identify with the death of a much beloved partner, I am no stranger to loss. I realize this may mute the depth of my empathy for you, but I am hopeful that any degree of love-returned may ameliorate your substantial pain. Please keep writing because the uniqueness of your journey may very well be the greatest gift you have to share with others. Leveraging this oddly-packaged gift-of-grief, and combining it with your substantial insights into difference, make you a remarkably special human being.

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