Since last Sunday I’ve been thinking a lot about our not saying goodbye to each other. I felt torn apart. Should we have acknowledged reality and said goodbye.

But we couldn’t. Just couldn’t. The impossibility of the word goodbye.

And maybe we didn’t need to say goodbye.

Then yesterday someone posted the video of Celine Dion singing “Immortality” at the Bee Gees Tribute Concert. My eyes filled with tears. Yes, I keep the memory of you and me, inside. And we don’t say goodbye. It struck me how our wedding vows did not include the traditional ”til death do us part.’ NO. We don’t say goodbye. We are still ONE.

And sure enough you send me a sign.

The Amaryllis that our neighbors – the old lesbian couple that we aspired to be one day – had given us many years ago is blooming! Every year it would get new leaves and then the leaves would just die down. No flower. I didn’t give up on it. Kept watering it. Let it be. Today, for the first time ever, our Amaryllis is having two gorgeous flowers!





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