Love Notes & A Dream Kiss

Wen means life. Still. Even from beyond. Sending me signs and symbols and messages. And now kisses.

Her LOVE NOTES to me.

So I have decided to stop wondering, ‘Could it be?’ … More Love Notes & A Dream Kiss


Dream Visitation

My soul wrapping this dream around itself like a warm, protective cocoon.
Finding some peace in knowing that you are still with me. … More Dream Visitation

Amber Ring

… tears began to fill her eyes. Looking at me, she said, ‘I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve something so precious and expensive.’ Taking her in my arms, I replied, ‘Muha, yes, you do. You deserve this ring. You are my most precious so you deserve this precious gift from me.’ … More Amber Ring



Sometimes it feels like I am the only one – not that is not true – one of a very few people who still remember. And I don’t mean in the kind of personal, focused on self remembering. … More Rememberer


Dancing in the dark

Another Sunday,       another day of intense mourning,            another day of you missing from me,                 another day of bearing the unbearable.   And so I am continuing my dance between two worlds –               dancing in the dark,        with you between my arms. Advertisements


The Story of Our Urn

In all of these ways, this urn represents Wen and I and our together-life. It bridges our two worlds and lives that became one. Its beauty reflects the beauty of our love.

It truly is an urn as unique as our love story is. … More The Story of Our Urn


Winter Walks – Winter Boots

I wish we could still take those winter walks together. It is these everyday-special-moments that I so miss.

Do you still walk with me? … More Winter Walks – Winter Boots


Soulmate Sacrifice

And the time came
When the light was beckoning
When your fight neared its end
And I knew I had to let you go … More Soulmate Sacrifice


Wen’s Death – Her Day of Dying

It is not December 20. It is not Wen’s death date. It is Wen’s death day. The fourth Sunday after Thanksgiving. … More Wen’s Death – Her Day of Dying


76 Hours Left…

Thursday morning, two years ago, December 17, 2015: Wen had 76 hours left to live.

Thursday morning, two years ago, December 17, 2015: I had 76 hours left to be with Wen. … More 76 Hours Left…