Shadow Heart

Sundays are special days for me. They are the day when I always take the time to sit with you, my love. Remembering all that was our life. Sundays are hard days for me. Because they remind me of your suffering. And they remind me of all that we lost. Our future that was ripped … More Shadow Heart


Gray morning sky Room cold of the night. Slowly my consciousness awakens Eyes refusing to open Not wanting to see that empty space Next to me In that bed that used to be ours. I force them to open. Force my legs and feet to get me up. My hands to prepare me for the … More Exhaustion

Wendy L. Helmer Memorial Award – Tribute to MK

Today, the Graduate Student Diversity Committee in Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst presented this award in loving memory and honor of Wen to a PBS graduate student who embodies Wendy’s spirit and commitment to social justice. MK was the first recipient of this award. Thank you to all those who … More Wendy L. Helmer Memorial Award – Tribute to MK

She used to be me

She used to be me  The joyful one who smiled and laughed, Who was an optimist, Hopeful for the future. The loving one who would do anything for her loved ones. The playful one who always had to stick her feet into water. The mothering one who took loving care. The dreamy one who always … More She used to be me