Memory Streams

We loved to travel together. Explore new places; go back to loved, familiar ones. We loved to find those cool, funky spaces. The ones that have a magic about them. Where you go and you don’t just see but you feel. Some we found researching; others we stumbled across. We loved art. Strolling through a … More Memory Streams


Sometimes it is the everyday small moments that throw you back into the depths of grief. Sometimes it is the huge moments – those milestones that have significance beyond the day. Last weekend marked such a milestone: our younger son Nik’s graduation from Tufts. With a B.A. in Sociology and Environmental Science. Summa cum laude … More Milestones

Mothers’ Day

As I was reading through my Facebook feed this morning the sense of overwhelming sadness that had been building all week engulfed me completely. For days posts had been coming up that offer validation of all the complex emotions that surround Mother’s Day. Then today, of course, all the personal messages to mothers of all … More Mothers’ Day


Oh, those Facebook memories. Sometimes so brutal. Torturous.   May 8.   Two years ago, May 8, 2015, I walked the stage, officially received my doctorate. What a happy joyful wonderful day. And, of course, Wen added her humor to it, commenting about my little mishap when trying to get off the stage: “omg, she … More Anguish

Dear May

Dear May, For most of my life I couldn’t wait for you to come. You brought the promises of spring, the gray of winter gone: flowers popping up everywhere; trees becoming green again; the warming rays of the sun beckoning us to spend time outside without the sweltering heat of summer. You were a month … More Dear May